From 12 June 20:00 to 13 June 20:00 - Enjoy a discounted rate!

75€ instead of 94€ on the 24H XTREME
39€ instead of 58€ on one of the 3H XTREME

Warning: This year, the event may show full.

The registration quotas are as follows:

- 500 Participants - 3H NIGHT
- 500 Participants - 3H DAY
- 1000 Participants - 24H XTREME

The 24H XTREME is probably the most challenging and human obstacle race in Europe!

Teams of 2, 4 or 6 people from different countries come each year to compete on this unique race.

24H! No stop! If you already know your limits, you are mistaken.

To complete this adventure, you will cross obstacles still unknown. Some can be crossed ONLY to two!

The 24H XTREME is organized in an old military fortress, Barchon in Belgium
Saturday 15 February 9:00 - 12:00

Little sister of the 24H XTREME, the 3H XTREME is a team race of 2. Choose your best teammate, because only, you will not be able to cross all the obstacles!

Saturday 15 February 22h00 - Sunday 16 February 1H00

On the same principle as the 3H XTREME but equipped with your frontal, discover unique obstacles to cross in pairs on the incredible fort of Barchon!
Who offers you today a race so varied? I have not seen everything but it is well worth the detour. (My trip was from the south of Spain to Belgium, and I'll be back next year with my shock buddy that is to say) [...]

At the start and at the moments of the race "but what an idea" !!! Today, j + 1 of the said race, the feet sagging who accept more than the flip flops because your sneakers have the oddly the impression of having narrowed the wash, I am invaded by a feeling of great satisfaction...

ChrisFit OCR

November 13, 2018 at 22:00
REGISTRATION I discover the adventure