Rules (you can download them here)

Race time

The Xtreme 24h will begin on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 3pm and end on Sunday, March 24 at 3pm.

Race in binomial

It is compulsory to run in pairs for the entire duration of the race. Pairs in the race should never be separated by more than 5 meters. If this rule is not observed, the whole team will be disqualified.

Time limit

We will set two time limits:

If you are not in the right timing, the entire team will have to leave the race.

The public is forbidden

You can only count on yourself and your team to reach the end of the 24th Xtreme.
The public will be forbidden on the site of the fort. No outside help is allowed on the camp, as well as during the race.







Staff Respect

For each obstacle, a member of the staff will be present to ensure that the obstacle is well-accomplished by all the participants. He will be the sole judge when enforcing penalties. You will have to respect the members of the staff and execute the penalty at the risk of the exclusion of the whole team.

Respect of the track

The track will be marked and partly lighted. You will have to follow the course and in no event can you cut short, under penalty of the exclusion of the whole team.


Compulsory tests

Reflection test


All obstacles must be successful except some more complicated or we will apply mandatory penalties.

Penalties on obstacles

The course will include 20 obstacles of all kinds.

It is mandatory to pass each obstacle before continuing the race. Some more complicated obstacles will include penalties to be realized in case of failure.

Penalty applied only to the participant in failure on the obstacle. The penalties will be explained to you in a separate document.

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