You have the choice between running in pairs the 3h Xtreme day or night ... but why not dare the 2!


The 3h Xtreme is what?


A race of endurance obstacles that runs in pairs.
During 3 hours, your teammate and you will have to make a maximum of turn while overcoming the 20 obstacles of the course.

The 3h Xtreme is the first obstacle course in Belgium to run in pairs.

Make the right choice because you will need your teammate on some obstacles. It will also be him who will support you morally when you have a soft stroke.
Do not believe that the 3h Xtreme is an easy race, the environment of the fort is intractable. Passing through the flooded underground, crossing the pond, suspended net, dark and damp corridor ... pitfalls that will slow down your journey.
In addition to the natural obstacles of Fort de Barchon, the team of 24h Xtreme will install other diverse events. Warning, in case of failure, penalties will have to be realized otherwise it will be the exclusion of your team.
Your teammate and you, develop values that are dear to the Xtreme 24h, help, team spirit and camaraderie.


« Meeting is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success » Henri Ford.

November 13, 2018 at 22:00
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