3H XTREME Informations



Day and night 3h Xtreme takes place in and around the fort of Barchon. The Fort de Barchon, built in 1888, is one of the twelve works of the fortified belt of Liège, Belgium. Works of General Brialmont, the fortress played an important part both during the First and during the Second World War. The fort overlooks the right bank of the river Meuse, and is about 6.5 km northeast of the center of the city of Liège. Its mission was to prohibit the crossing of the Meuse and to control the nearby Aachen road. Its equipment and architecture were comparable to those of Fort Loncin.

The Fort of Barchon was besieged from the first days of the First World War by German troops. It was the first fort of the Fortified Position of Liège to surrender, August 8, 1914.

The fort was considerably improved and strengthened in the inter-war period. The most noticeable change was an 18-meter-high tower (visible from the E40), which was used to aspirate fresh air at a respectable distance from the fort. The tower is located a few hundred meters to the west of the fort, to which it is connected by a subway.


It is complicated to calculate exactly the distance of the route, the underground passages of the fort being difficult to estimate.

With the aid of a pedometer, we have drawn a 5 km path. You will pass through the 3 levels of the fort :

  • the level -1 the most dangerous of the course because very narrow and low (wearing the helmet will be mandatory).
  • The level 0 corresponding to the ramparts of the fort, a triangular enclosure of 400m.
  • Finally, the upper level of the fort with the meadow parts being on the same level as the road.

Number of obstacles

Fort Barchon already brings to itself a whole series of natural obstacles :

  • the 400m long underground tunnel
  • the vertical scale of 12m
  • obscure and flooded corridors
  • the net suspended at 5m height

In addition to all these natural obstacles, we will install a series of diverse tests.
Power and strength will be your allies but not only ... you will also have to show precision, balance, agility and cold blood in order to succeed in all 20 obstacles of the 3h Xtreme.

Hardware Required

The list of equipment is mandatory for each member of the team.

This material will be checked before you give your bib number. We will refuse to give you your bib number for any breach.

  • helmet type mtb, caving. Some passages in the fort are very narrow and low in height. For your safety, the wearing of the helmet will be obligatory in these passages.

  • headlamp + battery reserve. Some passages in the underground of the fort are seen little illuminated, the frontal will allow you to see more clearly. This will also be mandatory during the whole night.

  • whistle : We will ask you to wear a whistle throughout the race. The whistle will only be used in an emergency. This will be a way for us to locate you in case you are not on an obstacle area and to involve the medical service as quickly as possible.

  • blanket : The Belgian weather is what it is and in March, do not expect a nice blue sky and temperatures of 30 °. You will alternate, mud zone, dry zone, wet area for long hours. A survival blanket can help you keep your body warm.


The showers will be installed on the meadow next to the fort in a capital.


Toilets will be at your disposal on the camping area. Participants will be forbidden to use the toilets of the fort, which are reserved for the staff.


A basic refuelling will be set up during the whole race with liquid, sweet and salty.


Access to the fort and the race set up will be forbidden to the public, only medias and our staff will have access.

The 3h Xtreme is a unique race of its kind, only the participants daring to face this challenge will know the strong.


The 3h Xtreme takes place in and around a place touched by history, the fort of Barchon. This historical site is available to you during the event. To avoid as much waste as possible, we will place garbage cans in the camping and refreshment area.

We thank you in advance to keep the area clean by using the garbage cans available.

Medical service

A medical team will be based in one of the halls of the fort, near the refueling.

We will not neglect safety throughout the event. If the medical service notices that a participant is no longer fit to continue the race, he / she will be the sole judge and the participant must submit to the decision of the medical service. Do not hesitate during the race to consult them.

A team of certified divers will also be present on the pond area in order to secure it and ensure the smooth running of this aquatic passage.


Parking 3h Xtreme by day: 

A compulsory shuttle system will be set up from the parking lot of the Saive barracks, rue Cahorday in Saive (Blégny). The street of the fort will be inaccessible to participants of the 3h Xtreme of day. All participants arriving by any other means than the shuttle will be denied access to the fort.

Meeting point : Parking of fire station of Saive, Cahorday street 4671 Saive

Google map link : Clic here

Parking 3h Xtreme by night :

The fort is located in an outlying area of the city center of Blegny and surrounded by agricultural crops.

Few parking spaces are available. We advise you to co-operate a maximum in order to avoid a congestion of vehicles.

The Blegny fort street set in one direction to allow lateral parking.


Day 3h Xtreme Informations

Follow E40-E42 towards Aachen, take exit 36 Blegny
At the first roundabout, turn right at the 1st exit
Cross the second roundabout
At the thirdroundabout, turnleft 3rd exit to go to the street of the fort.
GPS address: ''du fort'' street, 4671 Blegny (Belgium)

Night 3h Xtreme Informations

Follow E40-E42 towards Aachen, take exit 36 Blégny
At the 1st roundabout, turn left on the heids
Continue on ''du grand moulin'' street.
At the roundabout, turn right on high street and then left at Cahorday street.
GPS address: cahorday street, 4671 Saive (Blégny)