Fee information for the 3h Xtreme race

Here you will find all the information for your registration at the 3h Xtreme day and night.
The 3h Xtreme is an obstacle and endurance race of 3 hours which is ran in pairs.
We will ask you to appoint a team lead.
He will be responsible for the entire registration of his team.

The team lead will :

Registration for the 3h Xtreme day and night takes place online, via the 24hxtreme.be website
Make sure once you are on the website to select the 3-hour race, not the 24-hour one.
The 3h Xtreme day and night registration fee is 80 € per team, ie 40 € / participant.
This price shall not increase.
Nevertheless, we remind you that there is room for only 250 teams for the 3h Xtreme night and 500 teams for the 3h Xtreme by day.
You will have the opportunity to pay by card or by Interac e-transfer.
Payment must be made within 24 hours of registration.